Tuesday, June 26, 2007

EFY 2007 --Power in Purity

I've totally been MIA lately and that's because I just finished working EFY or Especially for Youth. I loved it! I miss it! It changed me! I am posting a couple of my "creative" shots on here from registration, some of me and my co-counselor Bryan that my "kids" took of us, and let's not forget dancing with Brooke and Emily in front of EVERYONE! Oh!---to be seventeen again!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's "troo wuv" at it's finest. Daren and Alison are so adorable together. I love seeing couples like these two where their love just emanates from them! When we arrived to shoot, Alison had the special assignment to investigate the candy options at Sweet Afton's. Their planning on getting some fun suckers as wedding favors. Cute! She said they HAD to get lollipops! I'm so glad they bought them---I love what we were able to capture of them enjoying their yummy sugar sticks!!! Yay for sugar!