Thursday, May 31, 2007

Greg & Summer

Greg and Summer asked me to take some pictures of them before Greg heads off to training...he's getting ready to go to Iraq.
We had a fun time together. The thing about Greg and Summer is that they have a very real love. They were high school sweethearts and so the story goes...she waited for him to serve in the military and then serve an LDS mission...then, he waited for her to serve her LDS mission.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Saturday evening completed my weekend of weddings perfectly.
I had the chance to enjoy the company of some old friends at a reception for the newlyweds Stacy and Bryan Hansen. It couldn't have been a better setting. They had their reception at Soldier Hollow in Midway, UT. I was excited to be able to use my new lense and focus on some fun detail shots. These are what I got:

the cake: cheesecake.beautifully displayed on a cheesecake tree

the bouquet: thrown right to me!!!

the martinelli's:

the smiley's.the helm's. the hansen's. the singles

Some days are PERFECT!

What a beautiful day! I can't think of how else to describe it except for beautiful!

Aaron and Kristi Ferre

Dreams do come true....

Ryan and Stacey Hightower
April 28, 2007

What a special day! Stacey and Ryan's sealing in the Timpanogos, UT temple was beautiful! We spent a fair amount of time afterwards taking pictures in the blistering heat. I'm surprised the two didn't just melt. Stacey was convinced her sunburn would show up the next day, but her skin was pretty pink by the time the reception started. I couldn't resist posting the picture of Ryan's expression after she fed him the cake! I think that's his hurry up and kiss me face! :0) And...ahhh! such a tender moment sharing their first dance as husband and wife.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

5 and 10

FIVE years ago today I returned home from my mission to the New York City South Mission. I learned to speak spanish there and met some amazing people! I can't believe it's been 5 years!!! I wanted to pause for a moment from my photography posts and add this little landmark of life history. It's strange to think back to all the great times and moments that have passed in my own life that have helped me get to where I am today.
When I think back to how it felt returning from the mission, the best way I can describe it is with the scripture 2 Timothy 4:7, afterall it played over and over again in my head. I knew that I'd fought a good fight, I had finished my course (atleast up to that point in my life), I had kept my faith. What a great feeling that was...

On April 11, 2003 my dear friends and "other" family were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City temple. me.miriam.rafael.johnny.billie jo petty

I met them with Hermana Petty in a laundry mat when we had 15 minutes left to get back to our pad. They had just returned from a trip to Hawaii where they'd visited the Laie Temple. Miriam said under voice, hiding behind the paper, to Rafael, "Uh, oh they found us." They were later baptised on September 30, 2001.

...of course I had to go back and visit the big city!!!
brooklyn bridge.may 2004

THEN, in 2005 I was hired by CES youth and family programs as an efy couselor!!! Don't worry, it only took me applying 4 times in a 7 year period of time before I finally got the job. Persistance definitely paid off. Life is definitely about timing.

San Diego State University 2nd year as a counselor with my D.P.O.D. girls.

I graduated in May of 2006 with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Utah State University in Physical Education
It was at USU where I got back into my passion of photography and was encouraged by a photo friend, (Russ Dixon) to buy my own digital camera. I didn't think I could let go of my 35mm Canon AE-1, but I bought my Nikon D70 and started taking photography a little more seriously. With 10 weddings under my belt and big ideas of better equipment and lighting classes I'm excited to see what it will all become.

AND Now...I am faced with the decision to attend or not to attend my 10 year high school reunion. Go Miners!!!

So these are the life events I've been thinking about in great detail at the current moment. Are n't you glad you read about them!!! :0)


Meet Dmitri, my newest little friend. His aunt Katie brought him over to my house one night on a walk and I asked her if I could add his little face to my portfolio. She was up for it, so we ventured into my backyard for a bit...he was so cute in his little GAP hoodie! Shh don't tell his mom, we let him play in the dirt.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

M-O-D-E-L-S ---- I-N-C

Wednesday evening I had a little get together with some friends . In lou of an up and coming project I will be working on my friend Chad wanted to come along and do the hair and makeup. Due to time only Nessa (the blonde) was able to have him work on her. I asked him to stay conservative considering the details of the evening. We had the chance to shoot in this old pigeon infested barn, and the surrounding property. Rumor has it that the barn is getting torn down seems that happens everytime a find a place with light like that. I've taken pictures of Nessa in the past and we always manage to find the same kind of light. The sun was setting and it's rays were bouncing off the old wood creating that warm orange glow in the room...maybe she's my lucky charm to finding that kind of light, I guess I'll just have to keep taking pictures of her. As that soft glow faded on the inside of the barn, my friend
Josh set up his lighting system and he taught me how to use my SB600 as on off camera light source. It was great! I love learning new technic from other photographers! My friend Stacy also joined us for part of the evening and managed to get some amazing stuff in the short time she was there. Hopefully all of us came away from the experience having learned something new and with renewed excitement to hone our craft. Thanks to Meg and Nessa we were able to get some fun, maybe even "scandalous" shots.---Josh had mentioned in passing...literally passing, he was walking by with his lightstands in hand, that Meg was being scandalous...after that we couldn't stop saying it. It was the defining term for the rest of the evening---for EVERY pose, which in turn made us all giggle, only proving of course that us girls are silly when we get together.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mrs. Aaron Ferre to be....

Her ring is pink, her eye shadow was pink...her favorite color is PINK, so of course there was pink in her shoes and in her bouquet!!! Kristi's one request for her bridals was that there be a waterfall ---and so, we ended up at Thanksgiving Point. $100 later, yes that is the going rate, we were off to a fun adventure! Wahoo! It's so beautiful there and Kristi made it even more beautiful, which made my job really easy. We had tons of fun joking around as we wandered around the grounds. There are so many amazing shots it was hard to pick just a few to post. In the images I picked, I tried to show Kristi's fun, playful side as well as her elegant demonstration of womanhood.