Saturday, May 30, 2009



This morning I had the chance to photograph Leah, or Rebekah, as she is known in China.
The brother of an acquaintance contacted me at the beginning of the week wondering if I could help out. Considering my recent move and need to know the locations that surround me, I accepted. Leah is from a city named Xi'An. I've never been to China, but the name sounded familiar for some reason. When I looked up the city I figured out why... My friend Matt visited her city to see the Terracotta warriors. Very cool! It is a small world after all. Leah brought her love for modeling and excitement for competition with her to the shoot. She has been an aspiring model for about ten years now and showed up with a bag of clothes and make up in hand. She would've modeled all day if had the time! She was so excited to try all the poses she's been studying up on. I love how many different looks she has. I wish her the best of luck in her continuing competition. She was just awarded: the " 2009全国平面模特新秀奖“ which she translated to be: "Fourth 2009 China Model Match" ( for Magazine , website or Model for a production ), the " Rookie of the China Model " and The " Champion Award" within her city .