Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taylor and Natalie: Happy Anniversary!!!

Taylor and Natalie were married on August 26, 2008. Their story is one like unto a fairytale for sure! See a few details below or on my website!

Congratulations on ONE year and one month!!! :0)

First Kiss:

Our first kiss,WOW!-- I was 16, Taylor was 17, we were at Rock Canyon Bowl just out for a walk. The sprinklers were on and Taylor picked me up and put me right in front of one of them. We were absolutely soaking wet! We walked over to a bench at the top of the bowl, and Taylor kissed me.

Our Cake:

Our cake was phenomenal, it was all different flavors, 4 tiers, it was textured very thin stripes of off-white and white. It was very simple but very elegant. We put some bright flowers on the cake as decorations.

The Dress:

My dress was amazing! It was very simple. Round neck, gathering around the bust and waist, and a drop waist where the dress flowed out from. A friend of mine made the flowers that were placed on the left hip of the dress.


We went to Palm Beach, Florida. We were able to stay in a condo and just be with each other. It was amazing, no schedules, just beach, swimming, and my husband!

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory with my husband probably is the day he came home from his mission. I remember seeing him and we just went straight up to each other and just kissed! I was so happy and speechless and Taylor was so excited he couldn't stop talking! It was hilarious.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

finding INSPIRATION everyday

A Spider & Hibiscus

One of my friends recently reminded me about capturing inspiration EVERYDAY. For about 2 weeks now, I've been delivering flyers to collect shoes for Green Eyes in Africa. On my walks passing out these flyers, I couldn't resist the hibiscus and this amazing spider! I hate, HATE walking through spider webs, so I keep a keen eye out for them and noticed this entire web suspended from one strand of silk that was connected to the above tree. It was incredible to me, and not to mention DISGUSTING! I took about 20 images trying to get my point and shoot to focus in macro mode. I think it worked pretty well. Anybody know what kind of spider this is?