Thursday, March 20, 2008


Where to start???
Life, or's all about getting better and finding inspiration! This is the second year I've ventured to Vegas with my photographer friend Stacy Young with Three Winks Studio for WPPI: Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. She's amazing by the way.
Stacy went down early for the business workshop and so I traveled down with some other photographer friends I met through Pictage, Kellee Smith (Moments by Kellee), her second shooter Megan, and Shellee Draper (Photography by Shellee). We made it down early enough on Sunday afternoon and were able to take in a platform class as well as attend a program called "young guns". It was awesome. So inspiring. There were about ten photographers in their twenties that shared a piece of their success with us. It's amazing to me how humble they seem to be and how willing they are to share their secrets. Each day just got better and better with the amount of information I was able to take in.

On Tuesday, our last full day in Vegas, Stacy and I wandered down Las Vegas Boulevard to miracle mile, the m&m factory, and the coca cola store. These are some of the fun images I captured with my fuji S5 and 50mm 1.8. It's not about the equipment, right? It's about what I see through my lens and how I give back to those around me.
Hope you enjoy!

Stacy was nice enough to model for me for a bit. I loved this sofa, and mirror!

Snapshots featuring: Anna Rasmussen, Stacy Young, Captain Kubota (a hired model) Bally's fountain by the hamburger place... and my inspiration for my color combo I hope to be implementing in my upcoming branding and logo.


Photography is about capturing moments. My older sister Heather has been here with her kids visiting for a few months. Usually I'm frantically running around the house in the morning getting ready for work, after sleeping in from a late night. The day I captured these images of Gracie was no different. I couldn't pass up the chance to pull out my camera---she was sitting on my mom's bed and the master bedroom was full of natural light from the open blinds. She was sitting there with the "funnies" as if she was reading them. Gracie is only 16 months old and it's been fun to see her little personality show up more and more the older she gets! She's quite the momma's girl and shortly after the shots on the bed she wanted to be held by none other than her mommy....whoooo happened to be sitting at her favorite spot in front of the computer---next to one of Gracie's favorite toys: the phone. I'm so glad I took the time to capture this little moment. Isn't she a beautiful little girl!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Day At The Lake

Last Saturday a couple of my friends went with me to shoot out by the Great Salt Lake. I've been wanting to shoot out there for sometime and it proved to be an awesome place to shoot! We ran into Brett Colvin, he offered us some great shooting advice and shared some very inspiring stories. My jaw about hit the sand when he told me that he worked with Annie Leibovitz. I love running into other photographers that are willing to share their story. I was so inspired I was ready to work for nothing!

These first shots are of my friend Heather. I absolutely love her red hair and beautiful green eyes!

These next few shots are of Andy---I found it interesting how much his look changes. I love the movement in the second to last image...but my personal favorite is the first image. I know it's "mine" but I think it looks like a music add or movie poster!!! I'd love to know who you think he looks like--anyone famous? hmmm...