Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Saturday Morning

Friday evening I went to dinner with a childhood friend. She showed me these fun shots of her and her husband and I couldn't resist but copy the idea---self descriptive words on pieces of paper---stuck on you with tape or merely held in your hands. As Melissa and I drove to our destination for her photoshoot I started asking her what words she thought best described her. We came up with a couple fun ones like creative, musical, and book worm---and then of course the one that said "SINGLE". As a spin off I had to scribble down..."Waiting for YOU!" I loved Melissa's confidence with being single and her ability to shout it out to the world that she is indeed, waiting for her special someone. While comfortable living my single "free" life, I often find myself in a space of discomfort with it. As much of an oxymoron as that is...most times I am filled with great wonder, desire and longing to really find and be found by my own special someone.

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kelleemarie said...


These are so fun, and such a great idea. I love it. It make photography even more of a form of art to add words to it. Great job!