Monday, October 01, 2007

Nellie & Cliff: Blacks Beach San Diego CA

There are many people that have come into my life and made a special mark. Nellie has been one of those dear friends that left her mark, so when she told me she was getting married I knew I would be making the trip to be part of her day. Nellie looked stunning on her wedding day. Her hair and makeup were perfect...pretty good for a California surfer girl whose favorite way to do her hair IS not doing it. Ah..ponytail girl...gone glamor girl. Thanks to the hard work of family and friends, the wedding day details came together for a beautiful ceremony and reception. I'm so glad I was able to capture the day--the way I saw it! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. DeSouza. :0)

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threewinks said...

Nellie is a babe! She looks so beautiful in her wedding dress and she looks so happy! I didn't know you were going to shoot her wedding, these are fabulous. I'm sad I couldn't make it for the wedding :(