Thursday, April 10, 2008

On my way home

...after a very inspirational few days at WPPI my friend Stacy and I couldn't resist but stop to shoot these ruins just off of I-15. As we drove by we both looked at each other and she said, "you want to stop?" I was so glad she we got off the freeway and headed back in the direction we thought we'd find the road that would lead us to our treasure...only that wasn't quite the case. We drove down this cool red asphalt for a bit , but it led us to a creek and a fenced off area . Our "treasure" awaited us on the other side. We flipped the car around and headed back down to I-15 to hopefully find the real road that would get us to our desired destination! As you can tell...we made it! What an adventure.

1 comment:

les said...

Sweet pics!!! I can't believe you were at WPPI and you didn't even let me know you were in town :(.!!