Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two Things

1 - I obviously have not met my New Years Resolution of posting an image weekly.  I could rattle off my excuses...but really we all know this sort of thing happens.  I did however kick butt in the accounting class I took, hello Mr. 4.0!!! (even if it was just one class).  My dad used to pay me $100 bucks for a quarter of straight A's in middle school.  I did it once.


2 - I married into one of the most amazing families!  Yesterday was daughter #2's wedding.  It was a totally elegant, gorgeous, fun, DIY wedding.  We all know that DIY weddings are better and easier with the help of experts, so maybe saying DIY is a bit of a fib.  Daughter #3 works for Legacy Wedding & Events. They can turn a cultural hall reception into a work of art!  Needless to say, everything was perfect down to the very details!  Here are a couple of shots I snapped!

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