Saturday, May 05, 2007

M-O-D-E-L-S ---- I-N-C

Wednesday evening I had a little get together with some friends . In lou of an up and coming project I will be working on my friend Chad wanted to come along and do the hair and makeup. Due to time only Nessa (the blonde) was able to have him work on her. I asked him to stay conservative considering the details of the evening. We had the chance to shoot in this old pigeon infested barn, and the surrounding property. Rumor has it that the barn is getting torn down seems that happens everytime a find a place with light like that. I've taken pictures of Nessa in the past and we always manage to find the same kind of light. The sun was setting and it's rays were bouncing off the old wood creating that warm orange glow in the room...maybe she's my lucky charm to finding that kind of light, I guess I'll just have to keep taking pictures of her. As that soft glow faded on the inside of the barn, my friend
Josh set up his lighting system and he taught me how to use my SB600 as on off camera light source. It was great! I love learning new technic from other photographers! My friend Stacy also joined us for part of the evening and managed to get some amazing stuff in the short time she was there. Hopefully all of us came away from the experience having learned something new and with renewed excitement to hone our craft. Thanks to Meg and Nessa we were able to get some fun, maybe even "scandalous" shots.---Josh had mentioned in passing...literally passing, he was walking by with his lightstands in hand, that Meg was being scandalous...after that we couldn't stop saying it. It was the defining term for the rest of the evening---for EVERY pose, which in turn made us all giggle, only proving of course that us girls are silly when we get together.


threewinks said...

Nice Chelle!

I love #1 and #6 with Nessa. And my faves for Meg are #7 and #9. These are fantastic! I love how we all came out with something different even though we had the exact same location and models. You're fabulous :)

Kellee Smith said...


These are so cute. I love what you and Stacy did. You both have a very different feel to your photography and it is unique and fun. Love it. Great job