Monday, March 10, 2008

A Day At The Lake

Last Saturday a couple of my friends went with me to shoot out by the Great Salt Lake. I've been wanting to shoot out there for sometime and it proved to be an awesome place to shoot! We ran into Brett Colvin, he offered us some great shooting advice and shared some very inspiring stories. My jaw about hit the sand when he told me that he worked with Annie Leibovitz. I love running into other photographers that are willing to share their story. I was so inspired I was ready to work for nothing!

These first shots are of my friend Heather. I absolutely love her red hair and beautiful green eyes!

These next few shots are of Andy---I found it interesting how much his look changes. I love the movement in the second to last image...but my personal favorite is the first image. I know it's "mine" but I think it looks like a music add or movie poster!!! I'd love to know who you think he looks like--anyone famous? hmmm...

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