Monday, July 13, 2009

THE [Sarah Anne Barlow] Internship: Day I

I am seriously so blessed. (I wonder if saying that is copyright infringement?) I arrived in Nashville last night (7/12) to enjoy pouring rain and the company of 4 strangers. We ate at Jackson's Coffee and Tea a local diner with very cool employees. (Our server was great!) I got to meet Katie at the airport and then Sarah when she came to pick us up. We drove around the airport once more and then picked up Jessica. Rachelle would fly in about an hour later and there was no more room in the car for luggage or people, so we dropped the rest of our stuff off at the ICON in the gulch which is actually where Sarah lives!!! --and then headed back to the airport.

Today we spent the day defining WHO we are. (WE=the interns). I didn't think it would be so difficult considering the fact that I am a journal writer, but I found struggle in my need to put who I really am down on paper. (And I've been thinking about what I would write since back in January when I heard Dane Sanders speak at the PUG)--so I called Anna. Yay for good friends that help get our brains on track!!! After our intense afternoon it was time to head out to dinner: The Cheesecake Factory.

Happy Birthday Rachelle!!! She turned 17 with us! Dinner was great! I got my usual: Thai Chicken Pasta. (A menu that big makes my brain hurt and I can't decide so I stick to what I always get.)

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