Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey EVERYONE!!! It's the last day to enter my FREE photo shoot contest!

These are the entries I have:

Sarah Ida Huber
Jason Miller
Carrie Poulson (Nielsen)
Deidre Cote Pilcher
Oakstream: Alisha
Amanda (Norma Rae)
Jamie (Shorty)
Dorothy Gregersen
Rachel Kartchner Hampton
Mary Wilcox
Samuel Peterson
Kristy Neff
Tiffany Cameron
Julie Neff
Jodee Bosen
Sara Low
Camilla Kuhns
Cheryl Wilcox
Lalis Castillo

I'm doing the drawing tonight at midnight!!! So get your blog comment or Facebook status updated by 11:59 p.m.

(If you post something in your status--
be sure to shoot me an email so that I can go check it out!!)

I will not be able to enter the OUT of STATERS:
They are as follows! Thanks for your love and support!
If you ever come to Salt Lake City, UT on vacation let me know!

Nicole Hanson

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