Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PORTRAIT||the NOZIK family

During my most recent trip to visit my sister in San Jose, I offered military families a discount to have me shoot their family photos. It worked out perfectly and my weekend was booked! This was the 3rd shoot that week(end)-it started on Thursday-- and my first one on Saturday morning.
Isn't this shot above just perfect! I love the flag, so patriotic. This little guy was a ball of energy! He was definitely the one in control of the shoot and definitely adorable! I loved watching his parents interact with him. It's always great seeing what parents will do to get their kids to smile. He actually proved to be a great photographer as well! I let him snap a few with my camera.
Enjoy! Let me know what you think!


MaryPosa said...

Did you get pictures of Heather and her family too?

You are so very talented Michelle, I would love to have you do some family pics for us again sometime. Are you back in Utah now?

Samuel said...

I love that last shot of the boy and his dad! So good, so good.